You can try to get to Bristol Airport by bus, since the city and surroundings has an extensive bus network which will let you to the city centre.

See the following options below:

Airport Flyer Express

To get to the city center, you should pick up the Airport Flyer Express from outside the Terminal, which follows a circular route by the city center with the following stops: Old Market, Bus & Coach Station, Colston Avenue and Victoria Street.

Opening hours: 24 hours (except Christmas Day) every 10 minutes and at pick times every 8 minutes. Total trip time is about 30 minutes.

Where do I pick it up?

You can ride Airport Flyer Express outside the Terminal at stop 8/9. To get back, please pick it up outside Bristol Temple Meads Station stop.


For riding the Airport Flyer Express bus, see the attached fares:

Adult: One-way ticket: 7.00 pounds, return ticket: 11.00 pounds, Child: One-wat ticket: 5.00 pounds, return 7.00 pounds.

Where can I buy mi ticket?

You have several options to purchase your ticket:

- Book online
- Pay the driver on-board

You can also book your combined train ticket on the following link.

Public transport

A1 – Bristol to Bristol Airport

You can take A1 bus line public transport line to get from Bristol Airport to Bristol in a really fastest way. Take on at Bristol Airport and take off at Bristol Bus station.

Bristol Airport to Bristol

Stops: Bristol Airport – Bedminster Chessel Street – Temple Meads – Bristol Bus Station

Bristol to Bristol Airport

Stops: Bristol Bus Station (Bay 8) – Temple Meads – Bedminster Parson St West Street – Bristol Airport

Opening hours: 24 hours – Every 10 minutes from 7.00 am to 19.30 pm and then every 20 minutes from 23.40 pm to 6.30 am. Trip is about 37 minutes.

Where do I pick it up?

Pick it up at the Terminal and back to the airport at Bristol Bus Station Bay 8.

Where can I buy mi ticket?

You can buy it on-board the bus or you can buy it online here.


See the attached fares to ride A1 bus line:

Adult: One-way ticket: 6.00 pounds, Child: One way: 3.00 pounds.

Other bus lines

On the other hand, several bus lines from either national or local network can take you to more places aside from Bristol centre. See the following destinations:

- Bath
- Cardiff
- Exeter
- Newport
- Plymouth
- Taunton
- Weston-super-Mare

For further information, please check out each bus lines website.